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Gotta Play Special Offers - Video Game Rentals

There is something better than buying all the games you want to play, and it is renting video games through an online service. It is cheap, and saves you lots of money compared to purchasing games. It is convenient, since games arrive right in your mailbox. Overall it is simply a terric way to play tons of video games without spending tons of money.

Gotta Play Free Trial

Gotta Play Video Game Rental Service
The GottaPlay video game rental service is one of the leading providers in the industry. They offer over 4,000 different titles, so you are assured the variety and choice you crave. If you have one of the latest videogame consoles, such as PS3, XBox 360 or Nintendo Wii, they have you covered. You can also rent games for older consoles, like the XBox, PS2 and Game Cube, as well as the popular portable systems, such as the Sony PSP or Nintendo DS or Gameboy Advance. They essentially have every game for every major platform. Plus they even have PSP movies (UMD discs), so you can enjoy movies in addition to video games if you have the Sony Playstation Portable.

As is typical in the industry, there are multiple subscription plans depending on how many titles you can have out at a time, such as 1, 2 or 3 games at once. As usual, there are no due dates, late fees or shipping charges. However, they rise above the typical by promising the fastest shipping in the industry and protecting shipments from loss, damage or theft with GameShield.

The promise of fastest delivery times is important, because who wants to wait a long time for games to arrive in the mail? Gotta Play has many shipping centers located across the United States, so no one is too far from one of them. This means that shipping times across the nation are usaully just 2-3 days.

Their site is easy to browse to find games you want based on the system, the genre (such as action, arcade, fighting, racing, RPG, shooter, strategy, simulation, sports, etc.), the "Hot 50" or the "Most Wanted." If you are looking for a specific video game, just use their handy search feature to find it. Use their video game descriptions and user ratings to find new games that are ones you would enjoy.

Why not try them out right now, with their 10-day free trial offer? Subscribe to GottaPlay's Game Rental Service, and find out how to get the most out of your game systems with the unlimited ability to try out thousands of games for a flat monthly fee.

Just go to and find out all the details of this service's subscription plans, or sign up and try them out.

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We also list places for buying discount video games online if renting isn't your style. Also browse by platform to buy xbox, playstation 2, gamecube, and game boy advance videogames.

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