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Blockbuster Online DVD Rentals - Blockbuster Total Access

Most of America was used to renting videos at the local Blockbuster video store until Netflix came around and shook up the industry. Now people are discovering that Internet DVD rentals are so much better than the old, conventional methond, and Blockbuster Online is a top choice to compare to Netflix.

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Blockbuster Online Total Access
Blockbuster Total Access is an online DVD rental service that offers the convenience and value of renting over the Internet. One of its main benefits over Netflix and other online movie rental services is that you can exchange DVDs in-store if you want another movie right away.

How it works is very similar to and the other companies out there. Subscribers maintain a list of DVDs they want to see. Blockbuster Online send DVDs from your list that you watch whenever you want to. There are no due dates or late fees, so you can watch the movies at your leisure. When you are done, just drop the DVDs in the mail (using the postpaid mailer they provide to you), and after they get them back they'll send you the next selections from your queue.

There may be times when you really want another movie to watch, and don't want to wait for the mail. This is where really shines, as you can return a DVD at a participating Blockbuster Video store and get another movie immediately. In addition to the free DVD exchanges each month, you can also get discounted game rentals at the local store. This is really nice for gamers, since doesn't offer video games.

Although they do not rent video games online, they do have a practically limitless selection of movies. They have over 80,000 different titles to choose from, with more being added every week. Just imagine this vast selection, and how it compares to the relatively puny selection at even the biggest video store. The DVDs are organized by category, so it is easy to find what you want. Example categories are comedy, drama, action, horror, family, sci-fi, romance, mystery and animation. They also have a television category where you can select all kinds of TV shows that have been released to DVD.

Titles feature detailed information such as the story synopsis, a list of the stars and complete cast, the director, awards the film received, user ratings and user reviews. Some DVDs also include a trailer you can watch on your computer. All this information makes it very easy to find out if it is a title that will thrill, or one to pass. If you like a movie, take a look at the "You Might Also Enjoy..." recommendations, as well as the tab of "Similar Movies" for more selections you may want to add to your queue. Also browse the new releases, award winners, top 100, and collections for more great ideas to add to your queue.

If you have an HDTV and a high def disc player, chances are you really want Blu-Ray or HD-DVD discs, rather than traditional DVDs. They have you covered with a large selection of both BluRay and HDDVD discs. It is worth noting that although their online service stocks both HD-DVD and Blu-ray formats, most of the Block buster video bricks and mortar stores have Blu-Ray as their only high definition format. If you are deciding between an HD-DVD and BluRay player to go with your HDTV, this may be a sign that Blu-Ray is the better choice, especially if you are a Block buster member.

Blockbuster Total Access is just $19.99 per month, which is really quite a deal considering all you get. At this price you get 3 DVDs out at a time, free delivery and 5 in-store exchanges for free each month. Sign up now with the Blockbuster Online Special Offer, and your first month is only $9.99 or try their Free Trial Offer.

For current details on the program and other important information to help you decide, surf on over to

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The leading service for online DVD rentals is Net flix. Other choices include and, which both offer videogames in addition to movies.

If you're really into video gaming, you'll want to compare more game rental services. Many people subscribe to a separate online movie and game rental service to get the best of both, although others opt for a combined service, such as those that were mentioned above. Since people often play video games for a long time, it can be better to buy games rather than rent. If you do, taking advantage of discount specials and cheap deals at Internet game stores can be a terrific way to save money.

Thank you very much for visiting to compare DVD movie rental services. Please read the reviews and compare the services before deciding on the best choice. Once you've used a service for game or movie rentals for a while, come back here and post a review. Many visitors to this site would appreciate the information you can provide.

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