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Cost of Online Video Game Rentals

Online video game rental services can be much more cost effective than buying games or renting games locally.

With the typical cost of the latest console games costing $50 or $60, it isn't hard to see that buying games is generally more expensive than renting–even if you only buy a game every few months. Most gamers don't want to wait a few months between games, so it can get really expensive to buy new video games frequently. Fortunately, with online video game rentals, you pay just a flat monthly fee, no matter how many video games you rent. This way you can play all kinds of videogames, without paying a lot.

How many times have you bought a video game, and finished it in a few days or a week. You spent a lot on the game, but now you are done with it. Wouldn't it be great if you could send it back for a different one? With online game rentals you can!

This same principle holds if you buy a game and don't like it at all. Most stores will not take any open games back, so you are essentially stuck with it and out a lot of money. With an online video game rental service, you just sent it back to them right away, so that they send you the next title on your list. You have the option to try a lot of different titles, without the risk of wasting a lot of money.

Renting games from a local video store isn't a viable solution for many people, since you often pay a separate charge for each title you rent. Depending on the prices charged locally, just a few rentals can add up to more than the subscription cost for an online video game rental service. If you typically rent a few games each weekend, the savings from switching to an online service could be huge. Not to mention that getting to the store, contending with traffic and waiting in lines can all be a hassle, especially since they often have such a low selection of games to choose from.

In comparison, remember that with most video game rental services, such as the ones we list, the postage is free both directions. With free shipping, the only cost is the monthly subscription fee, which is really quite reasonable.

Even greater cost efficiency is possible for those interested in renting DVD movies. By choosing one of the services that rents both DVD movies and video games (such as GameznFlix), you can pay just a single monthly fee for renting all the movies and games you want. This could really help your entertainment budget.

In summary, for most people using online video game rentals can be much cheaper and easier than buying games or renting locally.

Since there a multiple companies to choose from, with different pricing and features, first compare video game rental service with our listings. If renting isn't for you, see where to buy video games. Get more background info before making your decision such as how these services work, their advantages and video game systems.

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