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Game Platforms for Online Video Game Rentals

When you choose an online video game rental service, it is critical that you choose one that supports your gaming systems. Whether it be a console such as the Microsoft Xbox, Xbox 360, Sony PS2, Playstation or Nintendo GameCube, or if it is for a portable gaming system like the Sony PSP, Nintendo DS or GameBoy Advance.

There are a variety of videogame console systems available, and you'll need to make sure the video game rental service you join supports your platform. Fortunately, this is relatively easy if you have one of the more popular systems, such as X Box, XBox360, Playstation 2 or Nintendo GameCube, since many of the services we list support all of them. If you have the original Sony Playstation or one of the older or less popular platforms, you'll have fewer choices when deciding on an online video game rental service.

There are also various portable gaming systems these days that are very popular, including the Sony PSP, Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance. Since most people with a portable game system probably have a home video game console as well, it makes it harder to choose a video game service, because you want one that supports all of your platforms. This is a little harder, since the portable systems are not supported as well by the video game rental services. To get both both console and portable games, you'll probably need to go with a dedicated video game rental service such as GameFly, versus the ones that rent both video games and DVD movies, because they are more likely to have you covered.

In conclusion, a deciding factor in choosing a video game rental service is making sure they support all the platforms you need. Microsoft Xbox, Xbox 360, Sony PSP, Playsation 2, PSX and Nintendo GameCube are commonly covered, with the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance having lesser coverage with these videogame services.

To find a company that supports your platform, see this online video game rental comparison. If you would rather buy, check out these online stores. For more background details before deciding, learn about how online game rentals work, advantages to renting online and subscription costs.

Whether you have an Xbox 360, Playstation 2, Nintendo GameCube, Sony PSP or some other console, we hope the information on helped.

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